Friday, February 15, 2008

Because You Can't Get Enough of Shia Labeouf

Remember when Shia Labeouf and Rihianna were dating? I wondered what happened with them. Whispers in the Hollywood world say that neither one of them had any intent on having a "committed" relationship. Maybe it's the hot factor. I guess when a celebrity is at their peak moment in their career, the only right thing to do is push PR to the greatest extent possible. Hot new relationships with Hot people=a no fail publicity campaign. It seems like these public dates and relationships keeps a young celebrity relevant these days. So now Rihianna can be seen dining with Chris Brown these days. Stay in the headlines my dear, stay in the headlines.

It's safe to say that he isn't secretly dining anyone right now with Indiana Jones publicity being a priority at the moment. But there's no need to worry for Shia. As long as he's not causing public disturbances in an attractively drunken state, there will be more leading ladies for him. He's hot remember?

Indiana Jones

Hollywood is buzzing about the upcoming Indiana Jones trailer. I have to say I am excited about the new film myself. I might even be more excited about seeing Shia Labeouf strutting aroung a little. *sigh* He is definetly a cutie. If you want to see the newly released trailor for the film, visit
props to Jaunted. Hot site.